The Transtator

Reach the destination you intended to - everytime you travel the Meta Highway

The fastest and most reliable way to travel the Megaverse

Ever since the discovery of the Meta Highway - the ancient network of pathways that connects every part of the Megaverse - traveling great distances only previously dreamed of, suddenly became a possibility. The only problem was reaching the actual destination you intended to reach before entering the highway.

Meta Leaping is unpredictable

Traveling the Meta Highway - known as Meta Leaping - is highly unpredictable. All the early pioneering explorers were never seen again after jumping through a porthole. It was only after the technicians at Flova Labs invented the Transtator (AKA Spark) that reliable transit became possible.

Now travelers could reach their intended destination and more importantly successfully make their way back home again.

Over 70 years on from it’s original launch the Transtator is still the most reliable way to Meta Leap across the Megaverse.

Traveling the Meta Highway without a Transtator can result in you ending up in the wrong place at the wrong time

The Meta Highway

Ever since it’s discovery in 4973 the Meta Highway has been progressively mapped by the survey team at the Metaversity of Tangrapan, but even after 70+ years only a fraction of the entry and exit portholes are known.


Portholes are the temporary openings into the Highway that appear for varying lengths of time, and also of varying aperture diameters. If you enter a porthole without using a Transtator there’s no way of knowing where and when you will end up.

Portholes to the Meta Highway vary in both aperture diameter and length of time that they are open

Time based navigation

Not only does the Meta Highway connect everywhere in the Megaverse to everywhere else, it also connects everywhere at every possible time!

Fairly complicated you might think, well you’d be wrong because it’s way more complex than that, as the highway itself is constantly changing.

This means, for example, if two travelers were to enter porthole A, without using a Transtator, with the second traveller entering 5 minutes after the first, they would both end up in completely different destinations at completely different times!

This is why the Transtator is such a marvel of technology as its intelligent navigation system means you can reliably get from A to B without ending up in Σ.

The route from A to B constantly changes over time

Size is everything

Portholes can vary in size, and quite often an entry porthole will be larger than the exit porthole at your intended destination. As you can imagine this can cause a problem for those larger travelers out there.

Imagine traveling half way across the Megaverse only to find that the exit porthole is only large enough to stick your toe through!

This is why Sparks also “transtate” the traveller into a swirling mass of molecules held together with an electrical charge, neatly contained inside a regulation sized sphere.

So regardless of whether you’re a 0.5 Flop Pindrol or a 16 Flop Mooglot you can be assured that you’ll actually be able to get out of the porthole at the other end.

Sparks “transtate” travellers into a regulated size