Project MetaMorph

Want to join the most important rock group ever assembled?

Space pioneers are the rockstars that will change the face of the Flovaverse forever.

Project MetaMorph is now recruiting for what will be the initial population wave of the Kaax Asteroid Belt.

In order to fast track your Flovaverse exploration, you can now become the first space pioneers claiming the deeds to 20,000 floating rocks being sold at a discounted price.

Join the project now and write a new catchy chorus line to the song of Flovan history.

Why now?

The answer to this simple question demands a simple answer and that is ‘energy’, and in particular declining Star Dust energy.

As you will only be too aware the power outages on Flova are now becoming more and more frequent.

This is in large part down to the energy demands of the city biospheres that are now too great for the energy grid to consistently cope with. So, we need a plan for Planet B in case the biospheres begin to fail.

Falling Star Dust production versus increasing consumption demands
Frequency of power outages on Planet Flova

An alternative power source

As well as providing an alternative habitat the terraforming of the Kaax asteroid belt will open up a potential new power source by unlocking the Star Dust energy contained within each floating rock.

Initial sample readings indicate that each asteroid will not only contain enough energy to power the FUB (Flovan Universe Builder), making ongoing life on the asteroid possible, but may contain surplus energy that can be beamed back to Flova to make ongoing life here a possibility.

Energy transference from asteroid belt to Flova