Taking the terror out of terraforming

TerraKit offers a chance to now make Planet B a reality.

Harnessing the full power of Big Dada’s neural engine we have been able to achieve what was only a pipe dream under a decade ago.

Each kit packs the power to terraform a single asteroid into a perfectly habitable environment, which means moving home just took on a whole new dimension.

How it Works

TerraKit contains three key components that make off-world colonization rock!

  1. The legal deeds to ownership that make sure you aren’t squatting on someone elses asteroid.
  2. A fully customizable Flobot that will undertake the initial terraforming and ongoing maintenance.
  3. The FUB (Flovatar Universe Builder) that allows you to materialize objects for your new home - we know removal costs can be frightening!

A Place to Call Home

TerraKit is helping the MetaMorph project come to life