Psyche LikeeTM

Imagine a little buddy designed to perfectly match your personality

We all need a little buddy to pick us up when we’re feeling down

Imagine a little pet companion that was so perfectly matched to your own personality that they could know when you’re feeling down and help to put a smile back on your face.

As unique as you are

Each Psyche Likee is completely unique - you will never see one the same! Our state of the art matching process uses a sample of your DNA so that we can uniquely match you with the perfect little pet friend.

We know the words “DNA sample” can sound a bit scary, but all we need from you is a bit of your spit which is then sent to our labs where the matching magic begins.

The DNA matching sequence

You can request for a sampling kit to be sent directly to your home space. Each kit contains a spatula and container, just wiggle the spatula around inside your mouth to get a saliva sample then place it in the container.

Once you have the sample ready just Meta Mail it back to the Flova Labs processing center.Alternatively, you can visit one of the many Flova Labs sampling centres within your own home dome.

The home sampling kit

The possibilities are infinite - well almost!

The latest gene sequencing technology developed by Flova Labs works by splitting the features of each Psyche Likee into five distinct traits - Face, Head, Body, Arms and Legs.

Then, for the assembly process, these five traits are combined to match the personality that’s calculcated to the nearest mood swing from your DNA sample.

The five different traits of each Psyche Likee